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Gucci————Purchasing version
GG series distressed top version. Dirty shoes. Explosive models are coming in 19 years!
The strongest couple color matching in the universe-6 colors for men and 6 colors for women
Blue and black are customized for Europe. Exclusive listing on the whole network! New colors are added-the ultimate version of the market!
Purchase the original version to develop…. Fabric, material, outsole, any comparison of details!
Genuine OEM production! ! !
The original mold is finely engraved from the fabric, the inside, and the outsole is fully aligned! The cutting materials are all re-engraved with original steel knife molds, seamlessly connected, and the eyes are clear and completely kill the knock-off products in the market!
The Gucci shoe tongue electro-embroidered logo is re-engraved one-to-one with the original size and color, and is dual-use!
The logo mark is a handmade and exclusive wash cloth label, which is completely correct! Gucci’s iconic webbing is more produced from the original factory, men’s wide, women’s narrow, high-end material and super texture…
Exclusive rubbed color cowhide fabric. Handmade and very textured, with a sense of luxury! The weight of the version is readily known, and what you see is what you see!
The workmanship details can be reflected without missing a line.
The original towel cloth is delicate and soft, more comfortable and breathable, and the original two-color TPU outsole (wide lower layer, narrow upper layer) is made of privately molded steel-printed two-color original
——European version of supporting packaging——Cards of different countries, bag wearing certificates, original box labels, barcodes, everything else ?free a pair of genuine shoelaces! The most important thing to remember is two genuine cloth bags.
size:??????35—40 ??????39—44

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