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[In stock] ??First debut in 2021, the latest packaging on the official website is the first to be shown
Products are constantly upgraded, whether it is physical objects or pictures, they are all upgrading, and the quality is not increased, and the more they are made, the closer they are to the original product.
Dongguan supply The highest version of Gucci Rhyton classic old shoes series couple models. The sole is 5cm thick. Women’s shoes 35-39 (34 40 custom-made non-returnable) / Men’s shoes 39-44 (38 45 custom-made non-returnable)
High-end goods are different from the upper version in the market. The quality depends on the real shots
The details are in place, the original version is 1:1 open the mold, the bulk goods feel good, the weight standard
The main factory has the advantage of the source of supply. Huge purchase of dozens of genuine developments. The new color matching official website is launched simultaneously. The fastest update. The most uniform color. The most important thing is that our dozens of color matchings are all in stock.
The quality details are as follows
(1) Men’s shoes have LOGO on the heel, women’s shoes have no LOGO, the toe of men’s shoes is double-threaded, and women’s shoes are single-threaded.
(2) The outsole film is changed to a double-layer composite bottom.
(3) The stitches on the face are the same as the original.
(4) Original cowhide leather upper, lambskin inside.
(5) Shoe sole, small hole TPU material and wear-resistant foam (anti-wear and shock-resistant)
(6) Upgrade high-quality, non-fading 5D technology computer synthetic printing technology.
(7) The effect of upgrading the old and the original is the same.
(8) The original box is equipped with the original chip after the original package is upgraded.
(9) Violet fluorescent anti-counterfeiting thread on the upper, laser anti-counterfeiting outside the midsole line, there are two circle dots under the fluorescent light in the midsole of the insole
(10) Different graffiti patterns have different leather colors, all matching different patterns, cloth labels are also different, patterns are different, the inner pattern is also different, the leather color gradation is also different, the ultimate perfection
(12) We also mold the midsole fabric ourselves. The two-color printing effect between the real and the real, and the midsole cloth for a few dollars, must also be consistent with the version. There is only one of us in the market.
(13) The outsole is the original private model outsole. There are convex and concave counterparts. Non-market general parallel bottom
(14) Anti-counterfeiting scan code
(15) There are too many details to list them all.
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